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Our Mission

At the beginning of a new decade during a COVID-19 pandemic, we decided it was the perfect time to express our vision in 2020!

When we first launched initially we were representing cars that go zero to sixty in 4 seconds or less. However, we realized the brand we are building is much deeper than that.

So lets break it down! Let's start with TEAM. Without you believing in our brand, there would be no us. So therefore we dont look at our customers as a dollar sign as most brands. We value your input with our products when you write reviews and before we drop any new merchandise we always do a soft release within social media to see if it resonates with you or not. We love interactions with our customers and believe this makes us different. Which makes you feel part of the TEAM! 

What Does The Number 4 Mean?

The number 4 symbolizes self-expression, self-fulfillment, maturity, and stability of mind. Just like the cars we drive we believe it touches on one of these if not all 4 of them. We believe everyone can relate to this because the cars we drive is a form a self expression which gives us self fulfillment to aspire our next dream car. Along with this comes with maturity to handle the power of the cars and give us a stability of mind .

Last be not least, MOTORSPORTS! Motorsports represents people who are passionate about cars or any form of driving activities from modifying cars to hitting the apex at track days or simply just enjoying spirit driving. Whether you’re an enthusiast or your vehicle is turbocharged, naturally aspirated, supercharged, or even stock, if you love cars, welcome to the team.

Because everyone spends their time doing something, how will you spend yours?!